Horses listed on this page are available through non-profit organizations whose missions are to rescue Morgans from dire situations across the U.S. Each horse that is rescued has been “bailed out” from the auction broker by one of these volunteer organizations and is saved through the generosity of the many people who contribute to each organization’s cause. They do this by raising money through donations on a per-horse/as-needed basis. The organization then funds any necessary vetting and quarantine and shipping to a foster home for evaluation. If you would like to adopt a rescued Morgan or Morgan-type (not all of these horses are registered and are so noted in their descriptions), please visit the organization’s website on each horse’s listing, complete their requested paperwork, and return to the address designated on the form. Each organization has a review process, so whether your future companion is listed below or has not yet come onto your radar, we encourage you to complete the Adoption Application in advance to expedite your acquisition when the perfect rescue comes along. If you have questions about any of the Adoptable horses listed below, contact the organization using the email link or phone number for that horse. Horses are listed in the City/State where they are currently being fostered.

Currently, MorganShowcase is happy to support two different rescue organizations through these complimentary listings, Forever Morgans and the Morgan Safenet. We encourage everyone to support these worthy causes with your spare change so they can continue to save our precious and rare breed from the danger of killer auctions and unsavory homes.

  • Mika - (NY) 15 year old Mare
  • CBMF Cloak and Dagger - (VA) 24 year old Gelding
  • Livia - (NY) 18 year old Mare
  • Fisher - (NY) 20 year old Gelding
  • Quietude Steeplechase - (TN) 20 year old Gelding
  • Larue's On Time - (PA) 4 year old Gelding
  • Nonesuch Suddenly - (NC) 14 year old Mare
  • Mr R's Diamond Hiest - (GA) 19 year old Mare
  • Reesa - (KY) 14 year old Mare
  • Carreg Wen Liza's Legacy - (TX) 19 year old Mare
  • HVK My Flaire Lady - (NY) 25 year old Mare
  • Morgan Hill Southern Belle - (NY) 20 year old Mare
  • Rose Valley Reflection - (OK) 26 year old Mare
  • Courtesy of The Jodhpurs Company