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Below is an Advance Search that will allow you to search for horses based on sex, height and names in their pedigree. For the pedigree box, you may input the full name or just part of the name (Upwey Ben Don OR Ben Don). If there are no horses that meet your criteria, the page will remain blank. We will be improving this Advanced Search as we go, so if you have suggestions please e-mail us and we’ll get to work!


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29 horses match your criteria.
  • HVK My Flaire Lady - (NY) 25 year old Mare - Lovely rescued daughter of Noble Flaire with a winning show record in harness and saddle! ADOPTABLE!
  • JMF Sugar Bear - (MN) 20 year old Gelding - Sweet, kind, show ring retiree looking for an easy second career as a companion and trail partner for light use. More photos added!
  • Morgan Hill Southern Belle - (KY) 20 year old Mare - Forever Morgans Adoptable!
  • Goodnight Moon - (CA) 12 year old Mare - Pretty and smart, this talented mare is beautifully trained for hunter or western pleasure and has even done serious trail competitions! Very reasonably priced...
  • FVF Promise Me Something - (NH) 23 year old Gelding - Well mannered, accomplished and versatile gelding for leisurely trail rides, he's an oldie but a goodie! Sound, happy and safe!
  • Amberfields Stardancer - (MI) Cream/Perlino 12 year old Stallion - Beautiful 12YO cremello stallion, very green broke to saddle, a proven sire and priced to move to a great home!
  • FVFP Regal Enforcer - (MI) 5 year old Gelding - Savvy, smart and already sporting blue ribbons in carriage driving, this super 4YO gelding is ready for your next adventure! Motivated sellers!
  • CM Final Fantazy - (CAN) 9 year old Mare - Well started in all the basics, beautifully bred and smooth to ride, this lovely 8YO mare is a perfect candidate for western dressage, pleasure or hunter!
  • King Of The Dakotas - (ND) Palomino 20 year old Stallion - Do dreams of a golden stallion haunt your sleep? If you'd like to turn them into reality, check out this beautiful boy!
  • CSCM Attractive Options - (NY) 6 year old Mare - Offering size in an undeniably Morgan package, this lovely coming 6YO mare is green broke to ride and a peach on the ground!
  • Midnight Calypso - (NY) 13 year old Mare - A diamond in the rough, this lovely mare is a maternal sister to champion Phenomenalee and is just waiting for someone to choose her destiny!
  • RG Annallero - (WY) 24 year old Mare - The best of Funquest and old Brunk breeding combine to make a truly beautiful classic Morgan mare, broke to ride and a proven producer! Video just added!
  • UVM Javah - (NH) 17 year old Mare - Gorgeous dappled bay mare with a royal pedigree of UVM greats, superb on the trail or reintroduce her to driving, she's the Morgan you've all dreamed about! Price reduced!
  • WH Masai - (TX) 21 year old Gelding - This gelding is the all around great family horse, dressage training, loves to trail ride and broke to drive!
  • CM Fortisamo - (CAN) 9 year old Gelding - Sixteen hands of talent in an 8 yr old black gelding with a great foundation for more training! Good on trails and a super eventing prospect! New photos just posted!
  • Sallys Poetic Sundance - (TX) Sabino/Pinto 20 year old Gelding - Great on trails, a gentleman around the farm, this personable gelding is looking for a best friend and is priced to sell!
  • Ensbrook Lalique - (OR) 19 year old Mare - An excellent producer with superior bloodlines and a wonderful trail horse, this beautifully trained mare is available at a very reasonable price!
  • Northwest ExecutivePardon - (OR) 11 year old Mare - The perfect at-home project horse! Pretty granddaughter of Futurity French Command and Legacys Viking, well started in harness and saddle and priced to sell fast! In foal for a colorful 2018 baby and we've just added a new video!
  • Mr R's Diamond Hiest - (GA) 19 year old Mare - Broke to ride and drive and she's a FOREVER MORGANS ADOPTABLE!
  • LSMR One Tuff Weekend - (CA) 16 year old Mare - Solid, foundation bred mare for bold riders, an ace on the trail!
  • RWJ Gigi - (KS) 6 year old Mare - Double Commando makes this sensible 3YO mare incredibly beautiful! Well started under saddle and a perfect candidate for western, classic or hunter pleasure! New photo and price reduced!
  • Seasons Sweet Temptation - (MN) Grey 11 year old Mare - If you're all about pretty and you love to be unique, this gorgeous GRAY mare should live in your barn! Western, hunter, dressage... take your pick!
  • AW Taboo - (NH) 8 year old Gelding - A solid 16 hands, this incredible and beautifully trained gelding is a great citizen and athletic enough for any endeavor. You'll love his personality and cooperative disposition! New photos and reduced price!
  • BAM Cinco De Mayo - (NE) 2 year old Gelding - Solid and sane, this big, kind 2YO gelding is well handled and ready for serious training! Video just added!
  • Charming Ms Grace - (IL) 21 year old Mare - Gentle, classically bred midwestern Morgan mare, the perfect companion for long, leisurely rides and drives!
  • TW's Shadow Dancer - (IN) 7 year old Gelding - A classic Morgan gelding, green broke to ride and ready to finish your way.
  • Stoneleigh Jazz Time -Sold! - (NY) 16 year old Mare - Sidesaddle? Over fences? Dressage? Driving? If you can dream it, this mare can do it! The consummate versatile Morgan!
  • Lacey's Shady Lady - (NC) 18 year old Mare - Showing her multiple crosses to the great sire Trophy, this sweet mare has produced two nice foals and has also successfully competed in Trail Obstacle events!
  • Creations Winsome Courage - (CO) 12 year old Mare - A friendly, sound and athletic 12YO mare who is savvy on the trails and prepped for over fences work. Priced right! New photos and video just added!