• Gelding
  • AMHA 160304
  • Bay, both fore partial pasterns, both hind pasterns
  • Foaled April 17, 2002
  • 15.2h
  • Owned By Noah Jay Esh
  • Price: $800

Jessie is a solidly built and well bred gelding. He has been my personal riding horse for the last 11 years and has seen thousands of miles of mountains and trails.

He LOVES people, campfires and the great outdoors. Morgan personality, spirit and the breed's famous easy keeping qualities are just a few of his wonderful assets.

If you're looking for the perfect companion for those wonderful fall trail rides, a horse that can carry you far and wide safely, soundly and whose curves tell all your trail riding buddies THIS IS A MORGAN HORSE, you should be picking up the phone and giving me a call before someone beats you to it.

He is very reasonably priced in hopes of making it easier for me to find him the perfect home.

For further information contact:

Noah Jay Esh
958 Buck Rd.
Quarryville, PA 17566