• Mare
  • AMHA 0150318
  • Chestnut, connected star, strip
  • Foaled April 12, 1999
  • 15.1h
  • Owned By Morgan Safenet
  • Price: $800 ADOPTION FEE
  • Morgans In Need: Available for Adoption

Morgan Safenet is searching for an adoptive home for Carreg Wen Liza's Legacy.

Liza was Amish owned for at least two years prior to coming to MSN. She is a nicely bred mare and has a junior hunter pleasure show record. It is assumed she both rides and drives. Liza was an orphan foal. Her mother died 10 days after her birth due to a uterine rupture. She was given a pony companion and was fed with a bucket. She was shown and later sold to an adult rider.

Morgan Safenet is a network of concerned Morgan horse lovers. The mission of Morgan Safenet is to give visibility to all groups and individuals who are looking to re-home Morgans who would otherwise be sent to auction and possibly end up in the hands of kill buyers. Morgan Safenet endeavors to provide support for Morgan rescue efforts nationwide, as well as to offer helpful advice to Morgan owners on topics ranging from weaning, farrier treatments, general health, training, QT providers, transport services and more. We also strive to be a resource for Morgan owners in need of assistance, whether that need is educational, financial or tactical. Our hope is that by providing a place for a strong network of Morgan families to come together, we can help the breed through the power of unity and collective purpose.

MSNF relies exclusively on private donations and fundraising to fulfill our mission. We are a 501c3, and all donations are tax deductible.

All Morgans - whether they are registered, non-papered or crosses - are included in our efforts. Morgan Safenet's primary concern is the safety of the horses we have been called to serve. It is the vision of MSNF to create a network of empowered individuals within our communities to support, lead, protect, heal, comfort and shelter those who cannot speak for themselves. The HORSE is the focus of Morgan Safenet and we strongly feel that a whole network of devoted individuals - a Safenet, if you will - is stronger together than any of the parts alone. You are invited to join us on our Facebook page or learn more about us at our website.

For further information contact:

Lisa Isaacson
Morgan Safenet
Midlothian, TX 76065