• Gelding
  • AMHA 189771
  • Dark bay, star, short think strip, white hind sock
  • Foaled June 14, 2014
  • 15.1h
  • Owned By Melissa Lambrecht
  • Price: $7,500

Smooth, gorgeous and well behaved. With the western division in mind from the get-go, we focused on natural horsemanship from the ground up with this beautiful Morgan.

Teaching nudge his haunch turns and lateral movement before he even wore a saddle was very important to us. Saddle broke in 2017 as a three year old, we took him to four shows. He learned about the different environments, noises, bathing, trailering, clipping, etc. We did not show him, it was just for his experience.

At this point in his life, we go on short trail rides with an abundance of hills and wildlife. He is doing amazing with learning how to give his back and push off his hind end up and down hills. Nudge stall flexes in a curb and he accepts it beautifully. With his snaffle bridle, he understands his walk and jog speed and is 75% there with his lope.

May be able to deliver to OKC!

For further information contact:

Melissa Lambrecht
Wynter Thyme Manor
96 Litchfield Tpke
Bethany, CT 06524