• Mare
  • AMHA 0189491
  • Black, small star, both hind socks.
  • Foaled June 18, 2014
  • 15.1h
  • Owned By Alison Chickering

For the one who appreciates the Morgan bloodlines that have made a great lasting impact generation after generation, I am offering this once in a lifetime, lovely mare that many a Morgan farm was built on with just one of her royal relatives. She will be the last and only black mare of her sire and dam. This mare's pedigree is filled with horses seldom seen on papers today. Imagine crossing these lines with some of the newer bred stallions of today... WOW!

Check out the reference photos of her sire, Charlestown Blue Moon. One doesn't need to go any further to see the tremendous beauty and quality Gracie has inherited. Her bottom side goes back to Chasley's Superman, Saddleback Supreme and Equinox Benn Adam... legends all!

Gracie is herself a big and still growing beautiful black mare. She is a lovely mover who could excel in many arenas. Her youth gives you time to do whatever you might want with her!

For further information contact:

Alison Chickering
713 River Road South
Walpole, NH 03608
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Her sire, Charlestown Blue Moon

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