• Gelding
  • AMHA 144729
  • Chestnut, connected star, strip, snip, left hind sock
  • Foaled April 08, 1998
  • Owned By Forever Morgans
  • Morgans In Need: Available for Adoption


Forever Morgans Rescue is searching for an adoptive (or foster) home for Quietude Steeplechase. Here is a chance to own or foster a pretty chestnut gelding from the well-known and respected Quietude Stud Morgan Horse Farm.

Quietude Steeplechase, aka Copper, had a home, but sometimes life happens and disrupts the lives of people and the animals they own. Though his previous owners have ridden him some, he still has his demons and becomes somewhat anxious. He is good on the ground, a lovely uncle for any equine needing comfort or manners and a simple, friendly soul. Copper's face is scarred, so there is no telling what he has gone through. We do know that his education was rushed and that he passed through multiple hands. Ideally, he would go to a place where he can continue to help raise colts or have a quiet pasture in which to retire.

Forever Morgans is a breed rescue made up of volunteers who help Morgans in dire straits find new homes. We are a virtual barn with no facility. Our rescued horses are in foster care all over the country. Forever Morgans works with other rescues, brokers, and individuals to identify horses in need or at risk, and then helps those horses find forever homes. We are committed to each horse we rescue for his or her lifetime and, for that reason, an adoption contract is required when adopting a horse from Forever Morgans. We also ask that you consider fostering a horse. Our rescue efforts rely on the generosity of our members and foster homes. The number of horses we rescue is directly related to the availability of foster homes. Information on our foster program can be found on our website, and a list of adoptable Morgans can be found there as well. Forever Morgans relies exclusively on private donations and fundraising to fulfill our mission. We are a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. We invite you to join us on our Facebook page or learn more about us from our website.

For further information contact:

Debbie Jondahl
Forever Morgans
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464