• Mare
  • AMHA 16419CN and 16420CN
  • Bay, roaning on face continuing down to snip, freeze brand left shoulder, Miriam has a left hind fetlock and right hind partial coronet
  • Foaled June 06, 2009
  • 14h
  • Owned By Julie Hambrook
  • Price: $10,000 for pair

Twin mares, bright bay, both have stars and snips and one has one sock and a pastern behind. Full of life, all heart, keen workers. Gentle and kind to handle, good to shoe, travel etc.

Easy to clean, just blow the dust off with an air compressor and wand or wash with hose! Light in the hands to drive, this matched pair never tires or quits and will take on the steepest hills in a dead run and come back to walk at the top.

Always keen to work, they are not for a novice driver unless working with an experienced driver. An experienced driver can teach with them and they listen to voice when driving.

Much loved, this remarkable pair is only for sale as their owner is getting older and selling up.

A great team and lots of fun to drive cross country. Owner would like to stay in touch with new owner and is only as far away as the phone if advice should be needed. Miracle has a scar below left hock from wire, but she is 100% sound and the scar never gives any problems.

For further information contact:

Julie Hambrook
10553 247 Rd Arras Unit 2417
Dawson Creek, BC, CAN