Standing at Stud


  • AMHA 146452
  • Chestnut, connected star, strip, snip, left hind sock, right hind partial pastern.
  • Foaled May 23, 1998
  • 16h
  • Owned By Sarde Morgans/Roxanne Sardelli Greenway
  • Service Fee: Call about 2017 Specials
  • Return Privileges
  • Semen Transport
  • Private Treaty
  • Live Foal Guarantee

Minion Millennium. A name that suggests excitement. Power. Beauty. Charisma. A stallion that sires all this and more.

One of the top ranking sires in Saddle Horse Report’s Breeder’s Report for the last four years, with half as many get showing as the #1 sire and averaging well over 100 points per get, this consistent sire of World and Grand National Champions is recognized by breeders from coast to coast as a stallion who can bring improvement and marketability to the table for their foals.

Millennium's get includes such memorable names as Miles of Fortune, Millennium Force, Manhattan Sunrise, Lollapalooza, RWJ Gabbana, Bri-B Lady Malicious, Sarde's Insatiable, EQE Maker's Mark, RDL Special Delivery, Cherrydale Total Eclipse, Newmont's Miss Moneypenny, KMM Millennium Fire, MSV Miss Belle, MLB The Ingenue GCH, RCV Patent Pending, Meadowmist Legacy and Cherrydale Melania GCH. Winning in hand, performance and bringing home over $120,000 in prize money from the World Morgan Futurity, Morgan Weanling Gala, the Michigan Breeders Futurity and other similar events, these outstanding get continue to wave the flag for their sire year after year, long after other stallions have faded from view.

Best of all, your foal by Minion Millennium will be a dream to raise and train, as his many devotees can attest.

Breeding is a game of chance, but you can still make a smart choice and increase your chances of success. Set your sights on securing a service to Minion Millennium by purchasing his breeding in the AMHA/World Morgan Futurity Auction Service and your foal will also be eligible to win over $10,000 in the Auction Rewards Program and additional Auction Bonus money as well. He is also available through the very lucrative and popular New York Stallion Service Auction. A win-win for any breeder in 2017!

To see a gallery of his foals, go to the Triumph Stables Website link below or visit Sarde Morgans.

For further information contact:

John Hufferd
9506 S. 700 E-92
Roanoke, IN 46783