Standing at Stud


  • AMHA 190059
  • Black, star, left hind pastern, right hind partial coronet
  • Foaled May 19, 2015
  • 15.2h
  • Owned By Nathan miller & Sam nisley
  • Service Fee: $600
  • Live Cover
  • Frozen if unavailable for shipping
  • Live Foal Guarantee

A homozygous black,100% foundation bred Morgan of the finest Working Western breeding, Casanova is a solid and well built stallion reminiscent of the days when riding a Morgan out on the plains made you King for the day.

With glorious curves in abundance and the well known people-loving personality this breed is so famous for, this young stallion is destined to carry on the good name of his ancestors for generations to come.

If you're in love with good old fashioned Morgan character, stamina, intelligence and beauty, this wonderful horse should be the sire of your next foal!

For further information contact:

Nathan Miller or Sam Nisley
R&N Morgans
3636 Evans Road
Fredericksburg , OH 44627