Standing at Stud


  • AMHA 140046
  • Brown based buckskin, both hind fetlocks
  • Foaled June 06, 1995
  • Frozen Only
  • Private Treaty

If you love classic Morgan type and character, and appreciate unique coloring, Cassanova will charm his way into your heart. He is a wonderful stallion who exudes Morgan type and passes this on to his beautiful get.

We have been impressed with his good temperament from the first time we saw him. He lives pastured with a gelding and close to mares and he is a gentleman to every friend he meets--be it human or horse. He has a beautiful way of going that is breathtaking to watch.

People from all different horse backgrounds have been impressed by this stallion's charm, great looks, and athleticism. A brown based buckskin, he will pass on his cream dilution gene 50% of the time.

For further information contact:

Amanda Pruett
Radiance Morgans
67 Belle Plains Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22405