Welcome to Morganshowcase.com… over a decade of selling more Morgans than any other website

This page and its links will give you a glimpse of what’s in store for buyers, sellers and breeders on morganshowcase.com.

The first thing you might notice is that morganshowcase.com doesn’t look like any other listing site. That’s because it isn’t. We’re not just an internet “classifieds,” offering information and a link, but a true online showcase–an interactive system that’s designed to be a complete marketing tool for breeders and sellers. Here’s why:

Incredible features

No other medium offers so many exciting and interactive ways to see, read, or discover more about Morgans. Features include:

Splash Page – Each horse has its own main page, which includes a photo, seller comments and description, and an easy-to-use navigation bar to connect viewers to the different features. It’s like having a website for every horse!

Video Clip – You can watch a video clip to see a Morgan in action. In fact, you can watch TWO if they’re available.

Pedigree – Click the link and instantly see a complete pedigree of the horse, up to five generations.

Photo Gallery – See up to eight photos of the horse in full-color, fast-loading to your computer. On stallion listings, there is even a separate gallery of the Stallion’s get to display when they’re available.

eMail Seller – You’ve seen your perfect Morgan, and you can’t wait to contact the seller. Easy. Just click on the e-mail link, a message box will appear already addressed to the seller, ask your questions, click on the send button and your message is on its way. Plus, each page delivers other vital information, such as phone numbers and a street address.

Farm Link – If the seller or breeder has a web site, this button will link you to it.

How the Site Works

On the home page you’ll find the categories of the horses listed for sale or standing at stud on this website. Jumping back to any page on the site is easy, just click the logo to return to our home page. All of the horses listed are cross-referenced in different sections based on relevance. Some may appear in more than one location, i.e. prospects that are both western and hunter pleasure will be listed under both disciplines.

Once you find a horse that interests you, click on that horse’s name to go to the horse’s own customized page. From there you can navigate to the different features (pedigree, photos, video).

All videos are hosted off-site through YouTube, Vimeo or other dedicated video media sites and are embedded in our MorganShowcase listing pages. This is to insure compatibility across all platforms. If you have trouble loading and playing the videos, please call or e-mail and she will try to help you through it. Many times it’s as simple as adjusting the preferences in your web browser, downloading an updated webbrowser or finding a wireless connection.

If you would like to list a horse on MorganShowcase.com, please go to the online submission form and it will allow you to attach photos, add video links, indicate if you are mailing some or all of these, complete your descriptive information and even pay safely online, or print an invoice to mail with your check.

Upon submission, each listing is vetted by our marketing team for grammar, punctuation, spelling and is fact-checked against the AMHA registry database for birthdates, pedigree, spellings and show records. Over 30 years of equine marketing expertise is at your disposal and our listings are frequently adjusted to help sell your horse.

Seller or Breeder?
Here’s why you should advertise on morganshowcase.com. The power of the internet, combined with the power of mass marketing–No product or service can be truly successful unless people know about it. This is especially true for the internet. A website can be an incredibly effective and persuasive sales tool once your customers find it. But they have to find it first. That’s why major internet companies like Yahoo® and Google® advertise in other mediums, such as print, radio and TV.

For this same reason, morganshowcase.com aggressively promotes and advertises our site. Our advertising plan features listings and/or ads in The Morgan Horse, the official breed journal, plus a variety of show programs, including regional championships and the Grand National, as well as local club newsletters.

We also plan on promoting the site directly at events as the opportunity arises. Additionally, morganshowcase.com has been the leading Morgan horse internet sales website for over 15 years… it’s on the tip of the tongue for many savvy Morgan horse owners and trainers across the country and enjoys top of mind awareness. Morganshowcase currently has over 10,000 followers on Facebook, some do not currently own Morgans, but are interested. Morganshowcase is prominently appearing on search engines near the top of the searches when people search for Morgan Horses for sale.

What does all this mean for you? High visibility. You don’t have to worry about customers finding your listing. We drive them to you. And we do it with a class and a style that creates excitement and a perception of higher value for your Morgan.

Features designed to make it easier and faster to sell–Think about how many times you’ve had to take time out of your busy schedule to make copies of your sales video and ship them to prospective buyers, only to get no reaction. Our downloadable video viewing feature can completely eliminate this problem. Just say: “Watch the video on morganshowcase.com,” and let the website do the rest.

The world is your audience–Magazines and other printed materials only reach those people who subscribe, who are at the point of purchase, or who are on the mailing list. The internet can literally reach the entire world, anywhere people can access an on-line connection. Even if you don’t consider the rest of the world as a potential customer base, isn’t it great to know that you’re reaching so many more people in your own country?

Incredible value–For the average price of a 1/6-page, one-time ad in a popular breed publication, you could feature a horse on morganshowcase.com until that horse is sold. And since we use print publications to drive viewers to the site, you’ll still have the power of print on your side. Just $75 will list your horse until it sells, including any photo or video revisions you make during the life of the listing.

Advertising opportunities on morganshowcase.com

As a general rule, morganshowcase.com does not offer outside advertising on our site’s horse listing pages, because we don’t want anything that detracts from the horses that our clients have listed for sale. Unlike other equine sales websites, when your prospective buyer is reading about your horse, he won’t see ads or other breeds or anything else taking away from your horse’s feature pages. Your horse is the hero here.

However, we do sell a limited number of banner advertisements on our directory pages. To find out more about possible advertising opportunities, visit our Advertising on MorganShowcase page.

If you still have questions about Morganshowcase.com that we haven’t answered, give Tami a call at 314-750-1397 or e-mail her.

If you need to mail us photos or video, please send them to:
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Enjoy our site!