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Below is an Advance Search that will allow you to search for horses based on sex, height and names in their pedigree. For the pedigree box, you may input the full name or just part of the name (Upwey Ben Don OR Ben Don). If there are no horses that meet your criteria, the page will remain blank. We will be improving this Advanced Search as we go, so if you have suggestions please e-mail us and we’ll get to work!


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32 horses match your criteria.
  • Game Date -Sold! - (NY) 8 year old Mare - A great horse for a young rider or amateur just starting out, fully equitated and safe for walk-trotters, too!
  • After All - (CAN) 6 year old Mare - A lovely classic pleasure mare bound for stardom and beautifully bred for future breeding possibilities! Price reduced!
  • Out Late - (PA) 3 year old Gelding - Fancy, upheaded, pretty and with a lifetime of winning ahead, if you're shopping for a prospect, check out this super cool gelding by WC Stand And Deliver GCH and out of WC CHMH Spice Town Girl! New video just posted!
  • WVS Cammanding Knight - (MA) 10 year old Stallion - You're going to feel very special hitting the ring with this World class, GORGEOUS, black stallion in the classic pleasure driving classes! One of the last sons of legendary sire Immortal Command... New photos and wins just posted!
  • Troika's Starry Night - (MN) 14 year old Mare - A 3/4 sister to World Champion Troika's Black Russian, this lovely black mare is ready to jog toward her moment in the spotlight!
  • TES Notorious - (OH) 12 year old Gelding - A true 16 hands of style, talent and attitude with a price to make you smile! He drives and he's all show horse!
  • Hdndrgn Tempest - (OK) 9 year old Mare - Well started, safe and ready for finishing, this nice young mare is priced right and super sweet! Price reduced!
  • Key Constellation -Sold! - (MI) 6 year old Gelding - Size, quality, beautifully finished and started on patterns, this great hunter pleasure gelding is a junior exhibitor superstar in the making at a price that can't be beat!
  • UVM Glimmer - (DE) 21 year old Mare - Hunter, jumper, equitation, dressage or out on the trail, this beautiful and well bred mare has done it all!
  • Wind Blu Makers Mark - (NY) 9 year old Gelding - Big, expressive 9YO hunter pleasure gelding for any size rider with a price that can't be beat! Price reduced, new photo and he's now located in New York!
  • ValleyAcres After Midnite - (MI) 4 year old Mare - Great thinking, great looking, beautifully trained and fresh off a successful debut, this lovely 4YO mare is ready for amateur or junior exhibitor fun in western or hunter pleasure!
  • UVM Katahdin - (CA) 17 year old Gelding - Undeniably Morgan, incredibly stylish, this fabulous gelding is loaded with carriage driving and hunter pleasure experience, or just enjoy him on the trail! Video just added and price reduced!
  • PCC Dont Stop Believin - (NH) 11 year old Gelding - Pretty, competitive, fully equitated and completely safe, this wonderful hunter pleasure gelding is perfect for your kids, ammies and ladies!
  • Winter Moon White Magic - (TX) Grey 7 year old Gelding - Stand apart from the crowd with this beautiful and talented GREY gelding, athletic and well mannered for classic pleasure! Now located in the Dallas, TX area!
  • RWJ Gigi - (KS) 7 year old Mare - Double Commando makes this sensible 3YO mare incredibly beautiful! Well started under saddle and a perfect candidate for western, classic or hunter pleasure! New photo and price reduced!
  • Boxford Living Art - (WI) 18 year old Mare - An unbelievable pedigree, a beautiful mare, trained to ride and priced to sell!
  • Chilled Martini -Sold! - (VT) 4 year old Gelding - Solid and fun 4YO gelding by WC sire Minion Millennium, out of a Commando/Willy Wild mare, trimmed tastefully in white and trained to ride or drive. PLUS, he's NY Sweepstakes and Alumni nominated!
  • WM Moonlight Bay - (CA) 17 year old Gelding - We sure hope you have the perfect kid for this pretty, smooth moving, experienced gelding, because he REALLY wants a buddy, a partner to carry to the winner's circle! His personality will make him your kid's best friend!
  • One Love - (OK) 6 year old Mare - Big, well bred, equitated and beautiful, this completely safe and sane mare is ready for your walk-trot or first year showing exhibitor and she drives, too! Price reduced!
  • Lilymorgan TimeImmemorial - (MA) 10 year old Gelding - Super young gelding for the English or Classic Pleasure division, rides and drives and priced right!
  • EQ Devil in Disguise -Sold! - (GA) 10 year old Gelding - Over 16 hands of versatile Morgan for a price that can’t be beat! If you love fun and adventure, this wonderful gelding is your dream horse!
  • CBMF Meant To Be - (OH) 7 year old Mare - Simple, elegant and well bred 7YO mare for hunter, classic or western, kind enough for a DIY amateur or junior exhibitor and nice enough to show in deep competition! New info and photo!
  • AWTS My Wish - (PA) 9 year old Mare - The perfect partner for your junior exhibitor or amateur just getting started, this fabulous and well trained mare is ready to go in many divisions! New photo and wins!
  • KKW Fashionably Late - (OH) 7 year old Mare - By CKH Spirited Gift and out of a triple Trophy mare, this lovely hunter or classic pleasure mare is ready for your rider to enjoy at any level! New photo and info just added!
  • AMHF Bravado - (OH) 15 year old Gelding - Big, handsome and trained to the nines, this many time hunter pleasure champion by WC HVK Courageous Flaire is priced to move and suitable for your amateur or juvenile rider! Price reduced and motivated seller!
  • HVK Pardi Man - (WI) 6 year old Gelding - Quality oozes from every pour of this gorgeous gelding, trained for carriage driving, hunter pleasure or dressage!
  • WNDC The X Factor - (OH) 7 year old Gelding - Elegant, personable and well bred, this big, handsome gelding has park harness wins to his credit and is green under saddle. Future walk-trot personality! New photos just added!
  • TRE I’ll Never Tell - (VT) 7 year old Gelding - Fabulously versatile 6YO gelding with the perfect training, gaits and personality to take a growing junior exhibitor from start to finish! New photos just added!
  • KSS Troubadour - (OH) 8 year old Gelding - Need something solid and safe for western pleasure? At a price that won't break the bank? Check out this nice, big and soft jogging gelding!
  • Alright Alright Alright -Sold! - (OH) 2013 foal - Affordable, beautifully trained and equally sporty in harness or under saddle, this 6YO gelding is a RWC in Classic Pleasure Driving and a great choice for your amateur or juvenile exhibitor!
  • Hylee's I've Arrived - (CT) 8 year old Gelding - Three seasons of hunter pleasure under his belt, now this pretty gelding is pattern perfect and ready for a juvenile rider! Price reduced, pattern perfect and now training in dressage!
  • SYP Hifidelity - (NY) 15 year old Gelding - Park, pleasure, amateur or junior exhibitor, this game gelding is ready to gather more tricolors for a new owner! A full brother to multiple WC SYP High Definition GCH! Price reduced and he's now located in NY!
Below is an Advance Search that will allow you to search for horses based on sex, height and names in their pedigree. For the pedigree box, you may input the full name or just part of the name (Upwey Ben Don OR Ben Don). If there are no horses that meet your criteria,...