Dear Fellow Horsemen,

We are in unprecedented times where the daily activities of the nation and the globe are being impacted. Every day we are facing changes to our work, social, and personal lives. That change can be hard. It is often easy to ignore or not take to heart when we don’t see it as “our problem.” Today we all need to realize COVID-19 is our problem. Whatever name you call it or however you look at it, coronavirus, is no longer a far off distant crisis of “others.” It is here. It is our crisis.
It is time for us to commit to being responsible members of society. As horse professionals, we cannot separate our businesses, services, or self’s out from the mainstream. When every other non-essential service business is being told to shut their doors for the greater good of others and the community, we do not need to be the last ones standing. When every school and most daycare centers in the country have closed to the public for the well-being of students, we cannot undermine those measures of caution and remain open. When we ignore and do the exact opposite of what the experts are recommending we are undercutting the sacrifices that every other business and person is making.
It may seem like forging on in the short term and going against the masses is going to make us the victors, but have you thought about if you are the only one open, you are the number one place of risk? We are not above the repercussions monetarily or in mortality. Our clients are facing threats to their jobs, stocks, and health because of the coronavirus. Our peers are facing threats to their income, clients, and health because of the coronavirus. Our lives, the lives of our clients, and the lives of our horses are worth us closing our doors in the short term to assure we are all here in the long term.
President Trump spoke this week that if we do not flatten the curve, “this could be the new normal into July.” We cannot afford for this to be the new normal through the summer. We need to give lessons, we need to go to horse shows, we need to sell horses, and we need the show horse community to be there for our customers to enjoy. Therefore, in the next few weeks, we will shut our doors to the public and assure we are following every recommendation to stop the spread of the coronavirus. If we are not part of the solution, then we are a part of the problem.
We as professional horse trainers, instructors, and vendors sign our name to vow that we put the health of the country before all else and will do everything in our power to beat COVID-19. We join our breed and professional associations in their recommendation that we all make every effort to give COVID-19 a short shelf life. Our barns are closed, but our hearts are open, and we are here to support our industry to survive this crisis and thrive in its wake.
We know many of you not included on this list have already made this difficult decision, and that does not go unnoticed, thank you.
Kristen & David Cater
Mary & Evan Orr
Tiffany & Steve Wheeler
Chuck Herbert
Tre & Emily Lee
Kent Swalla
Melissa Hughes Smith
Bob and Tonya Brison
James Nichols
The Henry Family/Bobbin Hollow
Sandra Currier
Sheri Brandl and Mark Bodnar
Scott & Carol Matton
Larry Hodge, Danny & Kelly Lockhart
Andy & Lynda Freseth
Kellie Budd
Tammy Devore
Lisa Hillmer
Jen and Shawn Amazeen
Darlene DeBlois
Sarah and Jared Gove
Kristen Bagdasarian
Christy Parker
Robert & Rachalle Stezovsky
Spencer and Adriana Day
Betsy Boone
Jessie Richardson
Jennifer Lake
Deidre Henry, Darla Wright & Deana Tate
Erin Boggs & Cape Code Equestrian Center
Jimmy & Georgia Morrison
Eric Griedl & Erica Savary
Cindy Boel, Deveau Zubrod Kreitzer, Renee Zubrod Philpott
Mark Turner & Caitlin Cooper
Barbe Smith
Rich and Maureen Campbell
Tim Roesink
Rodney Hicks
Maria Gilman
Sarah Russell
Kelly Kraegel and Kurt Hufferd
Melissa Swain
Stacy Hennessy and Gerry Rushton
Erica Kemp
Suzanne Haberek
Stan Bodnar
Keith Friday
Scott, Danielle, and Travis Neidlinger
Ellie Stevens
Stan and Susan Morey
Mallory Mignot
Katie Coup
Whitney Bodnar
Brian Earehart
Paula Briney
Lionel and Georgia Ferreira
Kim and Peter Cowart
Helen and Jimmy Robertson
John, Sheri and Tyler Lampropoulos
Judy Nason
Page and Amy Champion
Bonnie, Hayes and Keely Sogoloff
Todd and Alison Walker
Shelley Fisher
Jim and Michelle McCleester
Caroline Tate
Mike and Liz Murphy
Rob and Betsy Wallen
Mandy Pierce
Randy and Danessa Harper
Donna Obrien
Elaine Gregory & Luman Wadhams
Brad and Anne Scussell
Alex Gravett
Dave and Dena Lopez
Leslie Melvin
Joanna Shine
Coby Holowacz
Josh and Megan Merritt
Stephanie Lilly
Jay Wood
Todd Perkins
Peter Axtell
Joel Brown
Ashley Cook- Fletcher
Katie Mair
Meredith Lazar-Meeder
John McCarty & Karrie Cada
Michael Ogre Rogers & Alyssa Rogers
Tara Wentz-Goosley
Sherri & Casey Surface
Craig, Kathi & Jeremy Hummel
Melissa Morrell
Kevin Tomasko & Carin Cardin
Lisa Paxton
Mary Cockriel & Bob Kellert
Leigh Zalzneck & Nathan Brachear
Erin McCracken
Maura Dalton Mauldin
Whitney Anderson Brice
Deb Davies
Burt Honaker & Miriam Hirshon
Michael Beasom & Stephanie McKinsey
Jodi Bertagnolli
Jamie Gerardi & Katie Forshey
Pat McConnell
Lance Hayes
Sammy Jo Galica