• Mare
  • AMHA 0183234
  • Black, connected star, strip, snip, left hind pastern, right hind coronet
  • Foaled May 06, 2010
  • 16h
  • Owned By Williams Stable

This well bred, BIG, black elegant mare is a dream prospect for a serious sport horse enthusiast.

Green broke to saddle, she walks, trots and canters in a snaffle bridle and she longlines well, but has not yet been hooked.

She is very athletic with plenty of engagement from behind and a scopey trot. Eager to learn, she's very trainable and would probably enjoy the challenges of classical dressage.

We will have video available soon, but don't wait too long or someone else will step up and you'll be left out in the cold!

For further information contact:

Julie Williams
Williams Stable
8113 Adamsville Rd.
Hartstown, PA 16131
814-382-4220 Julie
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