• Mare
  • AMHA 195955
  • Bay, star
  • Foaled June 04, 2010
  • 14.3h
  • Owned By Forever Morgans Rescue
  • Price: $500 Adopt Fee
  • Morgans In Need: Available for Adoption

Belle Fonte Rena (“Robin”) was rescued in October, 2019 and is currently boarded in Pennsylvania. She started life an Amish buggy horse and was a broodmare for a short time, but she’s ready to learn a new job as a saddle horse. She came to Forever Morgans at just 9 years old after her former owner decided he had too many horses with winter coming and she was not traffic safe. While he felt Robin has potential for an experienced driver who wants to do competitive or leisure driving rather than road driving, our veterinarian diagnosed a vision problem in her right eye and felt she’d be better suited for riding. Although she has limited vision (about 10%) in that eye, it doesn’t seem to bother her, and our veterinarian feels that it can remain intact.

Robin's driving training gives her a head start toward saddle work, although she has not been driven in a few years so might need a refresher course of groundwork. Robin’s previous owner rode her bareback once in a bridle at the walk only, and she did well. He noted that she can be high-strung and on the strong side both in the bridle and on the ground, so she’ll need an experienced, understanding horseperson. In his words, as long as you can keep her calm and she trusts you, she is good. The vision issue in her right eye likely contributed to her uneasiness in traffic.

Forever Morgans is a breed rescue made up of volunteers who help Morgans in dire straits find new homes. We are a virtual barn with no facility. Our rescued horses are in foster care all over the country. Forever Morgans works with other rescues, brokers, and individuals to identify horses in need or at risk, and then helps those horses find forever homes. We are committed to each horse we rescue for his or her lifetime and, for that reason, an adoption contract is required when adopting a horse from Forever Morgans.

We also ask that you consider fostering a horse. Our rescue efforts rely on the generosity of our members and foster homes. The number of horses we rescue is directly related to the availability of foster homes. Information on our foster program can be found on our website, and a list of adoptable Morgans can be found there as well.

Forever Morgans relies exclusively on private donations and fundraising to fulfill our mission. We are a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We invite you to join us on our Facebook page or learn more about us from our website.

For further information contact:

Debbie Jondahl
Forever Morgans Rescue
, PA
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