• Mare
  • AMHA 164294
  • Bay. Connected star, strip, right fore sock lower on right side, left hind sock, right hind pastern.
  • Foaled June 02, 2004
  • 16h
  • Owned By The Gove Family Partnership
  • Price: $12,000

This big, fancy mare was purchased a few years back to add to our broodmare band. Sadly, her cervix will no longer close to hold a pregnancy. So, for all intents and purposes we offer her as a “gelding”.

She was only just started as a youngster when the Copper Beech program began breeding. She is now well finished driving, and rides great in a work bridle. We have started her in a curb and is wearing it like a champ!

Cindy would make someone a wonderful show horse. She is BIG, long necked, and always wears her ears. Several of our kids have ridden her here, and she has been a star for them. She is sweet and safe in her stall and is ready to be on your team.

For further information contact:

Sarah Gove
Taylor River Farm
6 Swain Dr
Hampton Falls, NH 03844
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