• Mare
  • AMHA 0127429
  • Chestnut, star, disconnected strip and snip
  • Foaled August 13, 1992
  • 14.1h
  • Owned By ForeverMorgans
  • Morgans In Need: Available for Adoption

Adoption fee: $300

Forever Morgans is looking for an adoptive home for the Morgan mare Rose Valley Reflection. She is line bred to the great sire, Pinehaven Chief!

A former broodmare with heavy Funquest lines, Reflection is the dam of three foals and all three were winning show horses. She prefers to be outside rather than in stall, as the movement outside helps alleviate the edema on the belly. She is initially hard to catch, but comes right to you if you ignore her, and once you scratch her neck then she stands to put the halter on. We attempted to lunge her, but she's not familiar with this.

For those unfamiliar with Forever Morgans, we are a breed rescue that helps Morgans in dire straights find new homes. Often, and as was the case with Rose Valley Reflection, the horses are run through auction in PA, and bought by a broker who sends truckloads to Canada for processing. When a Morgan is identified on his lot, the group works to raise funds to pull the horse to safety, arrange for quarantine, a foster and finds forever homes for them. Because Forever Morgans is committed to each horse they rescue for his or her lifetime, an adoption contract is required for Rose Valley Reflection. She is currently located in PA. To find out more about her, send an email to the address below.

Please also consider fostering a horse. Our rescue efforts rely on the generosity of our members and foster homes. The number of horses we rescue is directly related to the availability of foster homes. Information on our foster program can be found on our website,

A complete list of adoptable Morgans can be found there as well.

For further information contact:

Debbie Jondahl
Forever Morgans
, OK
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