• Mare
  • AMHA 0186135
  • Bay, star, disconnected star, connected strip, snip, left fore partial coronet, right hind sock
  • Foaled June 01, 2012
  • 15.2h
  • Price: $3,500

Dolly was purchased to be a buggy horse, but she has not stayed sound enough for the road. She is a lovely mare and might be fine with light pleasure driving or riding around the farm. We do not know if she has been trained to ride, but with her lovely disposition and solid start in harness, she should be easy to train to ride.

She is a proven broodmare, having produced a nice filly by Superman in 2016. She is currently open.

Dolly is easy to manage on the ground, good mannered and has wonderful old breeding behind her. We are selling her for half what we paid for her just a year ago, as we are hoping to find her an appropriate home. Please call and let's talk!

For further information contact:

Leroy Lapp
1553 Noble Rd.
Kirkwood, PA 17536
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