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Leroy Zook

  • Zooks Chief - (PA) Gorgeous dark liver chestnut 2YO stallion with a flaxen mane and tail and just the right amount of trim! No mistaking him for anything but a Morgan!
  • Zooks Princess - (PA) This lovely filly has a pedigree of old and new greats and is reasonably priced for someone looking to fall in love with a Morgan. She is exceptional in every way!
  • Zooks Queeny - (PA) Classically beautiful Morgan lines both physically and on paper, this high quality 2YO mare should send any breed devotee's heart all aflutter!
  • Zooks Samson - (PA) This bright chestnut gelding sports a beautiful flaxen mane and tail and is a great prospect to start this fall.
  • Zooks Star Of Cleo - (PA) A 2021 stallion with an old pedigree to impress! Upheaded, fancy and recognizably Morgan, he is a blast from the past in the very best of ways!