The Carriage Market

By Jeff Morse

Your sales listing not only works hard for you with our two million views a year plus, our over 13,500 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers that see the posts and our #1 “Morgans For Sale” search position, but you can also take advantage of the “mini website” for your sales horse by utilizing your MorganShowcase listing URL on your other advertising and social media.

1) If the person selling/blasting has a website, link the image to their URL.
2) If you check the alphabetical listings on or and the horse is listed, link to his/her page URL.
3) On all your eblasts, put the contact name and phone number(s) as HTML type at the top or immediate bottom of the ad graphic, that way someone looking at the ad on their phone can just touch the number and it will dial/call for them.
There are a couple of ways to connect to MorganShowcase listings.
If you are a trainer and have several horses on there, go to “Listings By Contact”, find your name, click on it and copy the URL. For example:
If you want an eblast to go directly to a singular horse’s page, you can go to the page, scroll to the bottom, and click on the Envelope icon, it will bring up a window with the URL for the individual horse, which would look like this:
Individual horses will also come up if you just put in a URL like this:
Just do a slash and then the horse’s name with an underline (_) for spaces, and no apostrophes or hyphens.
Of course, anytime you’re doing a social media post or sending out an eBlast, you can always just add a line that says, “See his/her listing on!” and buyers will know to go look for your horse on our Listings By Name page.


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