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If you have a question we haven’t covered here, feel free to send us a message and we’ll add it to our list!

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How do I submit a horse for the auction?

Use our CONTACT US page to submit some preliminary information on your horse that will help us determine if it’s a good fit for the auction platform. Give us photos and a video link if you have them, a brief description, registered name, training level and what you feel you need to have for a bottom dollar (reserve). We will review your submission promptly and get back to you by email or phone to discuss. If we think your auction will produce a sale, we’ll schedule it!

How long are the auctions?

We can adjust the auction length to as long as we feel is a good fit to get our desired result. A yearling or under prospect that may not require vetting, or a broodmare who already has a recent repro exam for viewing, may be fine with a 7 day auction. A performance horse that people may want to try out, ask for more video or schedule a preliminary vet check can be 10-14 days or more. We will help determine the length with the seller’s input.

What is the entry cost for an auction?

Once your horse is approved for the auction, you’ll receive an invoice for 2% of your reserve price. This is your non-refundable Auction Entry Fee. The auction will launch after this fee is paid.

Is there additional cost or commission?

When the auction closes, you’ll receive an invoice for 3% of your final winning bid, less your Auction Entry Fee. During the auction, MorganShowcase will promote the auction as part of your entry fee. If you wish to invest in additional social media boosts, you can order them on the MorganShowcase Boosts order form.

What if my horse doesn't sell?

You’ll have the option of relisting the horse at a lower reserve at no additional charge, OR you may convert your horse into a standard MorganShowcase sales listing at no additional charge (value $75).

How do I collect payment from the winning bidder?

MorganShowcase is only providing the auction tools to facilitate the sale and holds no responsibility for collecting your funds. However, both seller and buyer have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the auction, which constitutes a sale agreement between buyer and seller.

How do I register to bid?

On both the MorganShowcase Select Online Auction Introduction page and the Auctions page itself, there are Registration and Login buttons. Additionally, if you have not yet registered or logged in and you navigate to the auction page and attempt to place a bid, it will prompt you to Register/Login.

How does the bidding work?

Our auction does not function like eBay with “proxy bidding”. It works based on “simple bidding“, which means when you place a bid, it accepts exactly that bid and posts it, just like a live auction. This keeps all bidders aware of exactly where the bid is at any time. When you are outbid, you’ll receive an email notifying you that you’ll need to bid again. On the auction page, there is a “refresh the page” button immediately above the current bid, so you can click to refresh and see the latest bid right up through the end of the auction.

What is "Bid Sniping"?

“Bid Sniping” is when everyone bids at the last moment of the auction and your bid may not be recorded quickly enough, due to your connection speed or other traffic on the site. Our auctions are set up to extend the auction by 2 minutes if several bids are entered simultaneously at the auction close, in order to capture all bids. But it will only extend one time.