Standing at Stud


  • AMHA 196432
  • Homozygous Silver Dapple, Homozygous Black, connected star, strip, snip, left fore pastern, left hind fetlock
  • Foaled March 18, 2019
  • 14h+
  • Owned By Arika Eggleston
  • Service Fee: Starting at $1,700
  • Live Cover
  • Semen Transport
  • Private Treaty

"Brisby" is an old working style Morgan stallion with an excellent temperament, athletic movement, and rare, stunning color. He will pass his silver dapple color on to every foal because he is homozygous for silver dapple and also homozygous for black. He is an product of a selective combination of quality Morgans of color.

Breed your best mare, the foal should be extraordinary!

For further information contact:

Arika Eggleston
KDA Morgan Horses
Elk, WA 99009
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